Thanksgiving Hosting Hacks

You know by now that I am all about keeping it simple & finding easier ways to do things. This is especially important when preparing for Thanksgiving. There is so much to do that it can be stressful trying to get everything done on time. Better Homes & Gardens offers these Thanksgiving hacks to help you keep everything under control. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Hosting Hacks

10 Fun Thanksgiving Crafts

10 Fun Thanksgiving CraftsHow often do we complain about having to do ALL the work for Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is a FAMILY event & I believe the entire family should help prepare for it. Mr. D & The Child help me shop for our celebration. Then on Thanksgiving, Mr. D serves my Mimosas after I put all the food on to cook!

You kids can help with Thanksgiving by making these darling crafts that can be used as part of your decorations. I LOVE the turkey place cards above. What a cute idea! Thanks go out to Woman’s Day for these clever ideas!

Thanksgiving Crafts

Early-Bird Thanksgiving Preparation

Early-Bird Thanksgiving Preparation

I always say “Work Smarter, not Harder!” Thanksgiving can be overwhelming but if you start NOW, you can take the stress out of your celebration! It’s not too early to get to work. Good Housekeeping has put together a list of things you can do now to help you prepare for Thanksgiving. this year, make Thanksgiving something to celebrate! Make it a Simple Joy!

Thanksgiving Prep

58 Delicious Holiday Appetizers Your Guests Will Love

Great appetizers set the tone for your special Holiday event. Whether you are serving one to whet your guests’ appetites before a meal or offering a selection at your Holiday Open House or Cocktail Party, appetizers should be planned carefully & made well. Coming up with something new or a selection can be challenging. Fortunately, Country Living has made the job easier for you with this fabulous selection. Enjoy!

Holiday Appetizers