Prayer List 12/16/2020

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Prayers for the hungry in our nation. Food banks are seeing record numbers of people need assistance. As winter progresses, things are going to get worse. Please pray we have the resources to meet the needs of these families.

Prayers for those traveling this Holiday season. May they stay safe & healthy. And prayers for those who remain at home, especially those at home alone. May they have comfort this Christmas & all the days ahead.

New Prayer Requests

Joy Arseneau: She is the 3 year old daughter of Jordan & Nikki Arseneau. Joy has been diagnosed with leukemia. Praise report from Joy’s mom, Nikki: Joy’s biopsy came back showing .0001% cancer cells in her bone marrow! This puts her in the standard risk/favorable pathway. This is AMAZING news! Barely any abnormal cells detected! Joy must continue with chemo for at least two more years to ensure the disease stays away. This next phase of treatment, called consolidation, will require a lot of doses in her spine with a chemo drug that has given her a few side effects already. The road ahead will still be challenging, but for now, we are celebrating this fantastic report! 

Winston Presnall: Pastor at First Presbyterian Church of Orange (Jean Ann’s pastor). Winston underwent surgery on 12/8 to remove his prostate. Winston’s surgery went well. He is recovering at home.

Chelsea Pickens: Prayers that I have patience, focus, and generosity right now and that folks are safe during the Holidays

Kristen Sinclair: Continued prayers for my dads sister and brother in law. Also for my cousins back East who have contracted covid as well. Praise: my sister’s family where it all started has been on the mend and feeling much better.

Carol Chaney: My best friend’s dad fell yesterday and broke his hip. He’s 87 years old, exceedingly hard of hearing and is obviously very scared. He’s in the hospital awaiting surgery. Prayers for his comfort and successful surgery and prayers for my friend. She lost her mom just a few months ago and now is obviously scared of losing her dad.

Ongoing Prayer Request

Adler Papp: Five year old diagnosed with leukemia. Had a port inserted for his chemo.Treatment takes months. Prayers for Adler, his parents, Lindsey & Nick, & the extended family.

Bob & Kate Stanley: Lost 2 of their cats in the last month. Also having stressful problems with their neighbor. This has been an ongoing problem for them.

Cathy Dixon: Please pray for my brother in law, covid & hospitalized for 35 days. Home but, lungs will not recover, look like spider webs inside. Prayers appreciated.

Nancy Blake: Prayers for friend Genie in a lot of pain, awaiting surgery for hip replacement and knee replacement. Was scheduled for surgery & it was canceled. The doctors cut back on her pain meds as they prepared for the surgery. Now Genie is in tremendous pain.

Gerry Wakeland: Praise report: Ultrasound shows no additional surgery is needed at this time. Prayer request: my daughter goes on Friday to be evaluated to participate in a clinical trial for repairs to her neck. She is in constant pain. This would be a huge blessing. Please pray that she is accepted.

Lynn Klammer: Please pray for my dad who is on a new cancer medication and struggling with it’s side effects.

Sarah Walston: Please pray for Tiffany, the receptionist at our hearing aid doctor’s office. Her 15 year old daughter had an asthma attack two weeks ago today and the doctors could not keep her airways open. She showed no brain activity the following Friday, and died the day before Thanksgiving. Tiffany’s husband was murdered last winter only a little ways from their home in Moreno Valley, just before the virus shutdown. She is a woman of God and was grateful she could be home with her two daughters on unemployment. I can’t imagine her pain.

Viola Bledsoe: Her boyfriend, Ritch is in the hospital fighting cancer. They have stopped chemo due to his weight being under 100 lbs. He is struggling with many issues currently & may having surgery soon to stop internal bleeding. Please pray for both Viola & Ritch during this difficult time.

Chelsea Pickens: Prayers for her friend, Seth whose father died suddenly.

Hilma Calvin: Asking for prayers for her family & herself.

Bob & Kate Stanley: Bob has tested positive for Covid. Kate is negative.

Pat Gunderman: Please prayer hard for a friend’s son who is having a great deal of difficulty staying off drugs.

Barbara Todd: Please pray for a relative who is having some tests for stomach & heart issues. Also continue to pray for Manuel Estudillo’s family as he is in recovery from broken bones & traumatic brain injury. The brain injury has caused major damage. Manuel is now home & making progress.

Cathy Dixon: Continued prayers for her stomach issues. Has been unable to keep food down. Doctors found multiple causes including a hiatal hernia. She will need surgery & is undergoing more testing.

Elaine Scott: Prayer for Cherie who is witnessing to a Mormon missionary. I gave her all my materials to read. I am an ex-Mormon too.

Mary Ann DeYoung: Prayer for a dear friend, Lois, who is fighting COVID after losing her 90 yr old husband to COVID one week ago. Please pray for a safe vaccine for this virus and end this pandemic. We ask this in Jesus name.

Karen Scott: Home following a brief return to the hospital. Prayers for her continued healing & strength. Prayers also for her husband, Bruce.

Kristin Sinclair: Prayers for guidance in a personal matter.

Sarah Cruce Walston: Prayers for continued strength as I deal with Gene’s (husband) dementia. His fatigue and disorientation is challenging.

Gerry Wakeland: Please pray for Ruth Ann Dalley. In the last stages of liver disease. Now on hospice.