Prayer List 04/23/21

Prayers for our nation as we continue to open back up & head into summer. May we still take precautions to protect one another.

New Prayer Requests

Mary Ann DeYoung: Been having a few trials. Broke a front tooth off at gum. Had to have it pulled and impressions to have a tooth added to my partial. Costly! Now dentist wants and opinion on a change in my mouth tissue?????????? And I’ve got sciatica bad so have been to chiropractor 3 times this week. Today he did X-rays and now we wait till next week to have a radiologist read them. 

Cathy Dixon: My friend (the momma with three kids) her cancer treatments are not going well. My father is better with his knee but still needs prayers to get off the meds.

Lynn Klammer: My 84 year old dad’s 93 year old girlfriend had a mild cardiac event a couple days ago.. They’re still running tests to find out exactly what the situation is. This has been a strain on both of them. Please pray for health and perseverance.

Marilyn Nutter: Preparations for a launch team to release my book.

Chelsea Pickens: Prayer for my grandmother and her pain after her stroke, for help finding some work and Gene the rat’s comfort right now.

Patti Vulcan:Please add my friend Linda on your list of prayers. Her cancer has returned and she’s waiting for the doctor to decide on what direction they are going. Please pray for my friend Holly. Just found out she has had two mini strokes and had heart surgery to open up a clogged artery. 

Sarah Walston: Please add my old camp friend Linda Eubanks Harrison to the prayer list. She was admitted to the hospital in Mississippi yesterday and immediately began to receive blood transfusions. She has not been feeling well and her son took her in. They have discovered a tumor on her rectum. Her sister Alice was my BFF at teen camp many moons ago and is very concerned about her sister. 

Also,I took a fall off the bottom step of our back steps. I was wearing my slippers and I really twisted the big toe on my left foot, also my back. My husband, Gene’s cough continues to have a bad cough. I’m debating about taking him to Urgent Care, since our primary care is booked and can only put us on a cancellation list.

Ongoing Prayer Request

Joy Arseneau: She is the 3 year old daughter of Jordan & Nikki Arseneau. Joy has been diagnosed with leukemia & undergoing an extensive treatment.

Nancy Blake: Prayers for friend, Genie who is home after surgery & rehab. Pray for continued healing. Prayers for cousin, Deb as she moves to Utah. 

Mary Ann DeYoung: Prayers for Adler Paap, the 5 yr old with leukemia. Pray as he undergoes long term treatment. 

Cathy Dixon: Please prayer for my friend who lost her 26 year old son and the family for God to see them through the days ahead.  Prayers for a mom with three babies, diagnosed with breast cancer. She is not doing well. My father who has issues with his 5th knee surgery. My girlfriend who is diagnosed with diabetes and it’s not in good with the meds. My aunt who is having kidney issues. My sister friend who needs prayer for her diabetic issues.

Erickson Family: Following the death of Debby’s husband, Don. They are the grandparents of Joy Arseneau, the 3 year old battling leukemia. This family has gone through a lot in the last few months yet their faith remains strong. Prayers for comfort & strength in the days ahead.

Violet Fenton: Please pray for one the FPCO Preschool teachers, Anya, who broke her arm & had surgery. Continued prayers for the young mom of 3 who is battling breast cancer & recently lost her husband.

Jennifer Grissom: Prayers for  her  young daughter who is struggling with depression.

Pat Gunderman: Two prayer requests: my friend Anne Levine who had been battling brain cancer is losing her battle. I taught with her. And my friend Jan had a pacemaker implanted on last Monday. Also injured his Achilles’ tendon.

Chelsea Pickens: My grandmother is in  pain and just had a stroke, so that God is with her. And wisdom and energy for me this week as I try to get things together.

Susan Rash: Please pray for our mother’s sister, Nonie, with chronic heart trouble and a horribly painful knee that is putting a crimp in this very active woman. She was recently informed she cannot have this knee replaced, as she had the other one replaced a few years ago. Also, please pray for my husband, Chan’s, work as we need to do major basement work to remove mold/mildew growing in basement that is affecting both of us and also our animals. His work has been impeded by the pandemic and management right now is a bit dodgy.

Elaine Scott: I have been battling exhaustion for the past few weeks. Of course, the answer it take a nap, but my employer really frowns on my sleeping at my desk instead of doing my job!! I don’t know if it’s the kidney disease or a combination of meds,

Karen Scott: Back in the hospital with a UTI. Karen was in the hospital last year with spinal meningitis. Please pray for her healing. Continued prayers for me to keep seeing the positive things I CAN do instead of the things I CAN’T do.

Kristin Sinclair: Prayers for rest & peace.

Kate Stanley: Please pray for my brother-in-law, Alfred Stanley. He is back in the hospital again with high blood pressure and an infection.  Prayers for my friend, Rosemary who is battling cancer.Asking for prayers for my dear friend Ken’s brother, Brian. He is in ICU with a brain bleed.

Barbara Todd:  My granddaughter, Ashlie, had thyroid surgery and they found cancer. So now she is having another surgery on May 5 to remove the rest of her thyroid. Prayer that they can get all of the cancer and that it hasn’t spread. Continued prayers are appreciated for my brother-in-law, Jim, and my sister, Maggie. My cousin who lives in Iowa, Doug Betz, on the prayer list. He has congestive heart failure and they are afraid that the fluid buildup will damage his kidneys. He had a kidney transplant a few years ago. Please keep his wife, Jan, in your prayers for her own health issues.

Patti Vulcan:  My friend Terry who’s cancer has returned. Please pray for my sister Jody, who has breast cancer. Please pray for the healing of my husband’s foot. Also pray for my daughter, Dustin & her husband, Will & their marriage. 

Gerry Wakeland: Please pray for Ruth Ann Dalley. In the last stages of liver disease. Now on hospice.

Sarah Cruce Walston: Please add the husband of Gene’s granddaughter Nicole to the prayer list. Nicole’s husband Collin is in desperately in need of a kidney. It was discovered at least 5 years ago that he had a rare kidney disease and was sent back to San Diego from Guam where he was serving in the Navy. He was medically disharged and now lives with Nicole and their two small children in Texas. Collin is unable to work – he is on home dialysis 12 hours a day. I don’t know how they are surviving financially. They both love the Lord, but their faith is being tested. Gene has developed a very bad deep cough in his throat. I am afraid he may have congestive heart failure. Please pray he can get in to see a doctor.

Betty Wells: Friend, Usua in India to care for her mother. Prayers for her stay.

Andi Zanca: Underwent lung transplant surgery. She is doing well. Please pray for a full recovery.