Prayer List 03/31/21

Wishing all of you a blessed Easter! He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

New Prayer Requests

Cathy Dixon: Please pray for my friend with breast cancer and going through chemo. She is young with three kids. My aunt who is having kidney issues. My sister friend who needs prayer for her diabetic issues. My dad who has had knee surgery and his medication has had a toll on him.

Violet Fenton: Please pray for one the FPCO Preschool teachers, Anya, who broke her arm & had surgery.

Elaine Scott: I have been battling exhaustion for the past few weeks. Of course, the answer it take a nap, but my employer really frowns on my sleeping at my desk instead of doing my job!! I don’t know if it’s the kidney disease or a combination of meds,

Brenna Bell: Prayers for strength & healing. A friend of mine just had a baby who she’s had to leave in NICU. She’s had to return home without her, and since she tested positive for covid in the hospital, she cannot visit her baby. This must be incredibly difficult for her. Prayers that she and baby Phoenix are healed and recover quickly and that they’ll be reunited soon. My friend Sen has breast cancer and will be having a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery on April 9. Prayers for a successful surgery and quick & easy recovery.

Marilyn Nutter: Prayers for traveling mercies as I travel Thursday through Monday.Patti Vulcan: Pray for continual healing of my husband’s foot. My friend Terry who’s cancer has returned

Ongoing Prayer Request

Mary Ann DeYoung: Prayers for Adler Paap, the 5 yr old with leukemia. Pray as he undergoes long term treatment. Prayers  for the family of my best friend who died. She was 65 and had cancer, had had a double mastectomy in Dec. and was told they had got it all but evidently not. She was a single mom and has Six adult children and grandchildren. Many do no know the Lord.

Jennifer Grissom: Prayers for Jen & her family as they leave on a trip. Prayers for safe travel & for her one young daughter who is struggling with depression.

Nancy Blake:Prayers for friend, Genie who is home after surgery & rehab. Pray for continued healing. Prayers for cousin, Deb as she moves to Utah. Prayers for Kari, son Chip’s girlfriend, who has tested positive for Covid. Chip has had his shots but prayers he stays well appreciated.

Betty Wells: Friend, Usua flying to India to care for her mother. Prayers for safe travel & her stay.

Kristin Sinclair: Prayers for rest & peace.

Chelsea Pickens: Little Gene the rat has an infection, so for healing and his comfort. On a bigger level, my Grandma had a small stroke so just for her comfort. She’s 96 and has dementia so the prayers are for comfort and joy in some way.

Violet Fenton: Pray for a friend and one of our old preschool families mom named “Teala Wilson.”  She has breast cancer. Please pray for Teala & her family.

Lynn Klammer: Please pray for my daughter Sarah who tested positive for Covid this weekend. Also, I’m at risk for retinal detachment right now so taking it easy. If people could pray for healing as I wait this out, I’d appreciate it.

Patti Vulcan:  Please pray for my sister Jody, who has breast cancer. She underwent surgery  earlier this week. The doctors removed her left breast and 3 lymph nodes. Said they got all the cancer! THANK YOU JESUS! She is at home resting.

Andi Zanca: Underwent lung transplant surgery. She is doing well. Please pray for a full recovery.

Kate Stanley: Prayers for Alfred Stanley. He is out of the hospital but still has covid and for Amy Bullock and her family that lost her brother to covid. Maureen Fulton is in the hospital with a leg infection. She is recovering from pneumonia.  Prayers for her friend, Rosemary who is battling cancer.

Karen Scott: Continued prayers for me to keep seeing the positive things I CAN do instead of the things I CAN’T do.

Joy Arseneau: She is the 3 year old daughter of Jordan & Nikki Arseneau. Joy has been diagnosed with leukemia & undergoing an extensive treatment.

Barbara Todd:  Continue to pray for Manuel Estudillo’s family as he is in recovery from broken bones & traumatic brain injury.  Please continue to pray for my brother-in-law, Jim, as he is having hospice care and now is in a wheelchair. Also please put my cousin who lives in Iowa, Doug Betz, on the prayer list. He has congestive heart failure and they are afraid that the fluid buildup will damage his kidneys. He had a kidney transplant a few years ago. Also please keep his wife, Jan, in your prayers for her own health issues.

Sarah Cruce Walston: Prayers for continued strength as I deal with Gene’s (husband) dementia. His fatigue and disorientation is challenging.

Gerry Wakeland: Please pray for Ruth Ann Dalley. In the last stages of liver disease. Now on hospice.