Prayer List 02/04/21

Prayers for everyone waiting to receive the vaccine. May the process go smooth & may everyone be protected soon.

I often receive requests from women who don’t wish to have their concerns made public. I offer up prayers for all of the women who are burdened with concerns they try to carry alone. May the Lord lift their burden. May the Lord make His presence known to each of them. May the Lord bring them peace, healing, love, & comfort.

New Prayer Requests

Andi Zanca: Underwent lung transplant surgery. She is doing well. Please pray for a full recovery.

Brenna Bell: Prayers for a friend who underwent an emergency C-section on Wednesday 3 1/2 months early. Mom & baby boy doing well. Baby was large for being born so early which is a very good thing.

Kate Stanley: Prayers for Alfred Stanley. He is out of the hospital but still has covid and for Amy Bullock and her family that lost her brother to covid. Maureen Fulton is in the hospital with a leg infection. She is recovering from pneumonia. She is my nephew’s mother-in-law and a very sweet woman.

Cathy Dixon: Prayers for my sister in law struggling with the loss of her husband and finding purpose. My husband, his illness (Granulomatosis with Vasculitis)is now going after his joint and nerve system.

Lynn Klammer: I’m at risk for retinal detachment right now so taking it easy. If people could pray for healing as I wait this out, I’d appreciate it.

Barbara Todd: Prayer for BIL Jim. Jim’s cancer has metastasized and it has spread to his liver and pancreas. Jim is currently in hospice. Please continue to pray for Jim and Maggie. He is “holding his own” at the moment.

Karen Scott: Continued prayers for me to keep seeing the positive things I CAN do instead of the things I CAN’T do.

Patty Vulcan: Please pray for Deanna. Her husband passed away on Saturday due to Covid. Please pray for my friend, Maria. Her 29 year old son was foud dead last weekend.  Please pray for my friend, Ali’s Aunt Shannon who is in  the hospital with sepsis & covid. She has 2 young sons who have already lost their father in the last few years.

Chelsea Pickens: Please pray for our pet Gene’s health and that wherever Rocket is, he’s good. Also that this week will be productive. Rocket is a young possum that Chelsea & her husband cared for when it was very young.

Mary Ann DeYoung: Tom & I are very thankful we got our 1st Covid Vaccination last weeks. We’re praying my brother – in-law has gotten on a vaccination list since I called his daughter and we had gotten called. He’s 85 and his daughters keep him in at home all the time to avoid Covid 19.

Marietta Taylor: Awaiting results of Covid test. Please pray it’s negative and this is just the flu.

Elaine Scott: My son has been out of work for a long time and is having major financial difficulties. I just hope my ex husband will help him as the ex is pretty well off and can afford it.

Ongoing Prayer Request

Brenna Bell: I could use prayer for my job. I’ve been incredibly unhappy in my role and I’m looking for guidance from God – if I should stick it out longer or start looking for something new.

Cathy Dixon: Tammy Martz and her husband Bruce. She had covid complications and he is close to being put in ventilator. Hoping he doesn’t have to go through that.

Marietta Taylor: Continue to pray for my friend. She is still having Covid symptoms. Also for my daughter who is trying to job hunt (career change) during this pandemic. It’s a very hard road unfortunately.

Marilyn Nutter: Health and safety of friends and family which is an ongoing prayer of all of us. Working on some techy issues–graphics related to writing and I’d like it to come together as it is not my forte. Praying for peace in our country as well.

Pat Gunderman: Praying for Kate’s dad. also praying for Andi Zanca who is at the top of the list for a lung transplant. Adding colleague Anne Levine who continues to battle glioblastoma/brain cancer. I’m doing okay. Praying for those who are physically, financially, medically, or emotionally insecure.

Pat Gunderman: Praise for receiving the first of two Covid vaccinations. Also my friend’s son has been clean for several weeks.

Sarah Walston: Friends Karen & George have Covid. Karen taken to the hospital.

Patti Vulcan: Please pray for my friend Sunshine. She lost her very dear, best friend Chris to Covid. Please say prayers for Chris’s husband Jim and son Ryan. Prayers also for Martha. 

Kristin Sinclair: Please pray for my boss. He was taken to the hospital this morning with Covid. He’s not doing well. His 3 sons have Covid as well.

Sarah Walston:  My teenage camp friend, Alice, who lives in Mississippi, fell & broke her arm and hip. She has had surgery but remains in a rehab hospital. Prayers for her full recovery.

My niece in Medford, OR found out  her oldest of 4 kids, 8 yr old Autumn, has type 1 diabetes. She is in the hospital with Diabetic Ketoacidosis. My niece, Summer, is having a rough time and is mad at God.

The virus has hit our senior community hard of late. There is one recent death that I know of and a lovely Christian couple who have been in the forefront of senior food delivery are very sick.Kristin Sinclair:  That things just start to get better! Unspoken prayers

Nancy Blake: Prayers for a couple of friends who have Covid.

Marietta Taylor: Pray my sister in law is hospitalized due to Covid.

Mary Ann DeYoung: Please put little Adler Paap on the prayer list again. They let him come home for a day or two and he had chemo Monday and they take him back Thursday this week again. He’s 5 and doesn’t want to go back. They need prayer to understand it’s their new routine for awhile. It’s a 2 1/2 hour trip each way.

Also, my friend has been have chemo for breast cancer and last Friday had a double mastectomy. She was supposed to go home the next morning with drains but they found her unable to walk and couldn’t even eat so they now have her in the rehab unit. She needs prayer that they have gotten all the cancer now. She is single and lives alone. Please pray.

Joy Arseneau: She is the 3 year old daughter of Jordan & Nikki Arseneau. Joy has been diagnosed with leukemia. Praise report from Joy’s mom, Nikki: Joy’s biopsy came back showing .0001% cancer cells in her bone marrow! This puts her in the standard risk/favorable pathway. This is AMAZING news! Barely any abnormal cells detected! Joy must continue with chemo for at least two more years to ensure the disease stays away. This next phase of treatment, called consolidation, will require a lot of doses in her spine with a chemo drug that has given her a few side effects already. The road ahead will still be challenging, but for now, we are celebrating this fantastic report! 

Nancy Blake: Prayers for friend Genie in a lot of pain, awaiting surgery for hip replacement and knee replacement. Was scheduled for surgery & it was canceled. The doctors cut back on her pain meds as they prepared for the surgery. Now Genie is in tremendous pain.

Barbara Todd:  Continue to pray for Manuel Estudillo’s family as he is in recovery from broken bones & traumatic brain injury. The brain injury has caused major damage. Manuel is now home & making progress.

Cathy Dixon: Continued prayers for her stomach issues. Has been unable to keep food down. Doctors found multiple causes including a hiatal hernia. She will need surgery & is undergoing more testing.

Mary Ann DeYoung: Prayer for a dear friend, Lois, who is fighting COVID after losing her 90 yr old husband to COVID. Please pray for a safe vaccine for this virus and end this pandemic. We ask this in Jesus name.

Sarah Cruce Walston: Prayers for continued strength as I deal with Gene’s (husband) dementia. His fatigue and disorientation is challenging.

Gerry Wakeland: Please pray for Ruth Ann Dalley. In the last stages of liver disease. Now on hospice.