The Kindness Habit: The Fifth Wednesday in Lent

Dinner with Sinners

After Jesus called Levi (Matthew) to follow Him, He went to Matthew’s house for dinner. Some of Matthew’s friends showed up to have dinner with both of them. I like the fact Scripture says “tax collectors & sinners.” The tax collectors sins were so great they were listed separately yet the other guests did not have their sins specifically listed. We have no idea what they had done wrong. No idea at all.

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Easy Peasy Easter Brunch

Make Easter entertaining simple this year with this fabulous brunch!


Easy Easter Baskets

Easy Easter Baskets

Easter baskets aren’t just for kids anymore. I enjoy making them for my entire family, including ME! The traditional basket works well but this year, BHG offers a selection of basket ideas for you to create. The rag baskets in the photo are especially charming. They are the perfect gift for adults in your family. This year, your whole family can help the Easter bunny by making & filling baskets, then spread some Springtime cheer! Enjoy!

Easter Baskets

The Kindness Habit: The Fourth Tuesday in Lent

Part 3: Jesus Shows Kindness to Women: Jesus Forgives a Woman’s Sins

There is a lot going on in this story. Jesus is having dinner at the home of a Pharisee. A woman enters the home & begins washing Jesus feet, using her tears & drying them with her hair. The Pharisees are stunned Jesus would let a woman like that touch Him, let alone do something so intimate. Jesus tells a story about forgiven debts. The person with the most debt is the one who is most grateful. Jesus then forgives the woman of her sins & sends her on her way. The Pharisees are shocked. Who is Jesus to forgive sins? A few things I want to point out:

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An Effortless & Elegant Easter Buffet

An Effortless & Elegant Easter Buffet


My mother & grandmother always set up buffets for family entertaining. This allowed everyone to visit with one another without having to sit down to a formal meal. A  buffet also allows family members to come & go as needed. Sometimes people need to come early & leave early while others may arrive later. No one needs to feel left out because of a work schedule, small children or other family event when you set up a buffet for your family event.

Easter is a wonderful time to set up a buffet. A buffet enables you to serve a variety of dishes throughout the day. Also, a buffet allows your guests to contribute dishes of their own to your event. You can set your table so guests may eat at the table or you can arrange your home or yard so people are able to eat wherever they are comfortable.

Good Housekeeping offers you tips & ideas to make your buffet easy to create & fun to attend. Take the stress out of your Easter this year. The bunny won’t be the only one hopping with joy! Enjoy!

Easter Buffet

The Kindness Habit: The Fourth Monday in Lent

Part 3: Jesus Shows Kindness to Women: The Gentile Woman Matthew 15:21-28

Jesus knew His time among us was limited. His ministry had a focus: Kingdom of God. This message was used to bring the lost sheep of Israel back to His Father. Jesus used a variety of means to share & spread this message, including healing. Word of His healings spread & soon, people were coming to Him for help.

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Easter Egg Decorating Potluck


Gather friends & family this year & join the kids in decorating Easter eggs. This fun event gives you time to slow things down, enjoying family, friends, food & fellowship.

The Kindness Habit: Fourth Saturday in Lent

Part 3 Jesus Shows Kindness to Women: The Widow’s Son

Jesus was walking through a town when a funeral procession went by. Men were carrying the body of a young man. In the group of mourners was an older woman, weeping. Jesus knew this was the mother. Jesus also understood this was her only son, the man who gave her protection, a home, a life, & now he was gone.

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10 Ways to Decorate Your Easter Eggs

10 Ways to Decorate Your Easter Eggs

Coloring Easter eggs with your kids is a tradition that goes back many years. The mess, the funny colors, the laughter. None of us would miss this annual ritual for the world. However, you still may want to decorate your home with a few of these beautiful¬†eggs. Southern Living has done an excellent job with these eggs. I’m not quite sure which ones I like best. Perhaps I should make a few & THEN decide! Enjoy!

Easter Eggs

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