Autumn Cleaning: Bedroom

Your bedroom should be more than the place you catch some zzzzzz’s every night. A bedroom should be a retreat for the people who use it. During the winter and the holidays, your bedroom should offer you warmth and comfort at the end of a long day. Each member of your family deserves the same comfort from their bedroom, from the babies to the teens. In addition, any guests you have over the holidays or any time of the year should have a room where they can get away from everyone, find some peace and relax. Visits are much less stressful when you and your guests can have a break from one another, even for short periods of time.

To create a comfortable retreat in each bedroom, you want to begin with a clean, fresh room. If a bedroom is cluttered, dusty, stale and, (gasp) dirty, no one can relax. It doesn’t take much for you to clean up the bedrooms and get them in shape for the winter and holidays. The first step to cleaning the bedrooms is to ask family members to do their part (remember, ask for help!) Have them pick up dirty clothes from the floor and clean up the clutter lying around their room. Let them know you want to clean the room thoroughly and you can’t do it if there is a lot of stuff in your way.

On the day you plan to clean the bedrooms, begin first thing in the morning. Strip all the beds of their linen. Launder all the sheets. If possible, put the blankets and comforters on a clothes line to air out.

Bedding holds a lot of dust, Fresh air, especially fresh cold air helps to eliminate the dust and adds a wonderful scent to the bedding.

Open a window in each bedroom, even if is just a crack. Leave the covers off the beds and let the mattress air out. Introducing fresh air into the bedrooms each week helps to keep the air fresh in the room. If the curtains on the windows are washable, then launder them when the sheets are done. Clean the windows and wipe the dust off the window frame. Vacuum the rug or floor. Make sure you get under the beds and behind the furniture. Remember, dust is tricky and it likes to hide under and behind things. Seek dust out and destroy. If you do not have carpeting in a bedroom, then clean the rugs in those rooms and clean the floor. Polish the furniture. Clean the dust off the lamps and any pictures.

Get those cobwebs in the corners.Remake the beds, fluffing the blankets, pillows and comforter. Make a list of any items you may need for guests in each bedroom. You might need a new pillow or two or maybe some new pillowcases A few comforting touches are nice in each room, touches that are appropriate.

New plug-in air fresheners work well in kids’ room and candles add a fragrant and warm touch in other bedrooms. I like to use candles that smell like food baking. The smell of sugar cookies or pumpkin is wonderful during the winter.

It doesn’t take long to clean the bedrooms when you have the pre-cleaning
help of your family and you are prepared for the job.

Systematically approach each step in the process and it will be done in no time. So, the kitchen is sparkling and the bedrooms are fresh and cozy.

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