Sweaters: Keeping Cozy & Warm All Season Long

As the leaves begin to slowly drop off the trees one by one, so do the temperatures begin their descent. First, the nights turn cool. Then you notice the chill in the air when you fetch the paper in the morning. Little by little, the cooler temperatures spread throughout the day until the brisk days of autumn fall around us.

This slow transition allows us to enjoy the cooler weather before the cold hand of winter wraps around us. The slow cooling also gives us the opportunity to break out our collections of sweaters, hidden away in drawers, boxes and closets since last spring. Shaking each sweater out, we take the time to say hello to our old friends. And when we slip on our first sweater of the season, it is like being wrapped up in Grandma’s hug. Sweaters are more than just a piece of clothing, something to keep us warm. Sweaters offer us the opportunity to express ourselves in a way that is both individual and practical. Few articles of clothing offer so much.

Shoppers may find a wide variety of sweaters presented in most every store. When shopping for a new sweater, there are just a couple of things you should keep in mind to insure extended pleasure in your purchase.


In order for a sweater to give you all the comfort possible, you want to choose a material that does not cause you distress either physically or mentally. Wool is a very good choice of material for sweaters.Wool gives you the warmth you desire on even the coldest days.

Additionally, wool is a very sturdy material. It wears well and will last for many years. You need to take care when storing wool both in and out of season. Moths love nothing better than feeding on our favorite sweaters. Nothing is more frustrating that pulling out your favorite sweater to wear only to discover that a moth has chewed a hole in the sleeve. Mothballs and flakes may prevent this from occurring. However, few if any of us wish to smell like mothballs throughout the winter. Cedar chips and balls may also be used to keep moths away. Cedar has a more pleasant odor and allows you to combat pests without the use of chemicals. While wool is an excellent material for sweaters, there are some drawbacks. Some may find they are sensitive to wearing wool close to their skin. This problem may increase in the winter when many of us suffer from dry, itchy skin already. Since a wool sweater may be a costly investment, be sure you are not overly sensitive to wool. Also, wool may be quite warm. While a wool sweater may keep you cozy outside, you may find it stifling once you go indoors. Wool often works best in layers so that you may remove clothing should you become overheated. Finally, there is the cleaning factor to consider. Wool cannot simply be thrown in the laundry with the rest of you clothes. Wool must either be sent to the cleaners or hand laundered. If you have neither the time nor money to deal with either of these options, you should consider sweaters in material that is easier care.

There are a variety of sweaters available in synthetics, blends and cottons these days. Sweaters in these materials are not only easier to care for than wool ones, they enable you to wear them throughout the year. A well-made cotton sweater may be worn on a cool summer evening or the coldest winter day. The selection of sweaters in these materials is much greater than it once was. Whether it is due to cost of comfort, this makes choosing a sweater that is to your liking a much easier prospect. Keep in mind though that you must still take care when clean your sweaters even if they are made of cotton or synthetics. Read the instructions thoroughly before tossing into the washer. You would hate to launder a brand new sweater only to have it ruined because it needed hand washing not machine. Additionally, sweaters made from materials other than wool do not wear as well or last as long. Finally, while a cotton sweater does offer warmth, it will never be a warm as a wool sweater. Does all this sound confusing? It needn’t be. Simply take the time to consider what you want your new sweater to accomplish before you purchase it and then determine the best material for the job.

Color and Style

Sweater colors change from season to season, year to year. This does not have to be a problem for you however. Unless you are an absolute slave to fashion trends, a well made sweater can be worn year after year without becoming dated. The wonderful thing about sweaters is they tend to remain stylish. While each year brings a specific trend in sweaters, you may still wear the sweaters you bought 5 years ago and look just fine.

In choosing colors for sweaters, determine what is needed to fill any gaps in your wardrobe. Also, decide which colors best suit you. Colors tend to rotate from season to season. A color that looks particularly good on you may not come back into the rotation for 2-3 years. If a season comes along that features colors that are perfect for you, you may want to invest in few more sweaters than normal just to round out your wardrobe and prepare for down the road. This year, earth tones seem to be the colors for autumn. Last year, there seemed to be a lot of red, black and blue. When those years come along that feature colors which look hideous on you, you will be well prepared because of your advanced planning.

Sweaters are also available in a variety of styles that allow you to expand your wardrobe with little effort. This year, long sweater coats may be found everywhere. Some of these are lightweight enabling you to wear them more months out of the year. These may also be worn in the place of jackets with skirts and slacks. You may also find these longer sweaters in a heavier knit. These make wonderful coats when the temperature is too cool for a light jacket but too warm for a heavy coat.

Speaking of jackets, sweaters are available in designs and styles that are perfect in place of blazers. While a wool blazer may cost you well over $100, you may purchase jacket cut sweaters for much less. This enables you to choose additional colors, giving your wardrobe more depth and variety. Traditional styles are also available such as turtlenecks, cowls, cardigans and pullovers. Again, by investing time before you shop, you may save you from investing as much money.


One of the nicest additions to the sweater family has been the artistic designs found on sweaters these days. These designs first became available in patterns for different holidays. Christmas, Halloween, Easter even Fourth of July sweaters could be found in the store. These days, you may find patterned sweaters in a variety of prints. Garden designs, farm designs, animal prints and more are sold throughout the year. While these sweaters are not as versatile as a solid colored sweater, they do add spark to your outfit. They allow you to express yourself and tell the world what interests you. They are also just plain fun.

Wrapping Up

Sweaters are like old friends who bring us pleasure and warmth throughout the years. By choosing your friends wisely and caring for them well, they will bring you comfort and pleasure for many years to come. A simple joy for all of us.

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