Comfort Foods for Cool Autumn Nights

To me, Autumn is all about comfort. The weather turns cool as the days grow shorter. I pull out my sweaters and boots and I snuggle down at night under my throw. All these things give me a sense of comfort, helping me to relax while I focus on my work, ministry, and family.

One of my favorite things in Autumn is all the comfort foods I am able to prepare when the temperatures drop. During the steamy days of summer, the heat stops me from preparing heavy meal that often require using the oven.

Just as well since the hot weather also stunts my appetite. As things cool off, I long to make all my favorites that I give up during the summer: soup, casseroles, bread, and especially my baking.

Food is so important in our lives and relationships. It’s what brings us together at the end of the day. It’s how we fellowship with friends, neighbors, and others in our lives. The simple joy is not just in the eating but also in prepare a meal filled with comfort for those in you

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