Palm Sunday

These are the same people that called for Jesus to be crucified less than a week later. How did these same people go from happy joy-filled people to an angry vengeful mob in such a short period of time?

There are too many different reasons to list here but one of the main reasons has to do with perception. People had be waiting for the Messiah for hundreds of years. They expected Him to be a leader and warrior, like David. They thought the Messiah would save them from their enemies and protect their land. When Jesus talked about the Kingdom, they thought He meant Israel and Judea. Then some things happened between Sunday and Friday that caused the people to think they had made a mistake. NOT that they were mistaken in the way they visualized the Messiah but mistaken in thinking Jesus was the one!

Have you ever thought God should live up to certain expectations you have? Thought that Jesus should save you from a situation in a manner chosen by YOU? SIGH!  God had a plan when it came to Jesus. God had a plan for His people. Jesus knew what He meant when He spoke about the Kingdom. He planned to fight to save His Father’s people but not in an earthly way. This was (and still is) a spiritual battle. Jesus is fighting to protect us from enemies that lead us to do the wrong thing, even if it is simply eating food that’s bad for us or not doing homework.

Just because we make a mistake thinking Jesus should be handling the situation differently than He chooses is no reason to get mad at Him. He knows what’s best. In the same way parents work to make the right decisions for their children, that doesn’t mean these decisions will always be the most popular ones.

Be patient with God. He really does know what He is doing. He really is working to do what is best for you. He really does love you. Just like you love your kids!

Discussion Questions

1. Have you ever gotten angry with God because He didn’t do what you wanted?

2. How do you handle situations like that?

3. Have your kids ever gotten angry with you over a decision you made?

4. How do you handle that situation?

5. How can you help your kids understand you are working to do what’s best for them?

6. How can you help yourself understand that god is doing what is best for you?

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