Lenten Devotion Day 18

I Can See!

Blind Bart

Can you see? I know there are many times when I can’t see. No, let me correct that. There are many times when I refuse to see. Jesus does so much for each of us yet we fail to see what He has done. Even worse, we know all the things He has done yet we still doubt that He may help us this time.

Blind Bartimaeus had never seen any of the miracles that Jesus performed. He had probably heard people talking about Jesus and all the things He was doing but Bart didn’t see any of these things himself. Yet, when Bart heard Jesus going by, he called out to Him, asking to be healed.

People around Bart tried to get him to be quiet. He was a beggar, sitting on a cloak in his rags. People like this were not to speak up and bother someone like Jesus. Bart didn’t care. All he cared about was having a chance for Jesus to heal him. Bart ignored those trying to shush him and kept calling out to Jesus. His persistence paid off. Jesus called Bart to come over. When Jesus asked Bart what he wanted, the blind man simply said he wanted to see again. Jesus told Bart that his faith made him well. Just like so many others, it was faith that Jesus could heal them, not Jesus, that brought about the miracle.

How strong is your faith? Do you believe Jesus can “heal” whatever ails you? Perhaps you think your problem isn’t important enough for Him. Maybe you think YOU aren’t important enough for Him to bother with you. Bart was a dirty beggar. Bart had no status in society. Yet, Bart didn’t care about any of this. He only knew he wanted to see and he believed Jesus was able to heal him. And he was RIGHT!

We are able to read all the miracles Jesus performed. Even more, we know what happened on Easter. How can any of us not have faith enough for our problems to be healed by Jesus? Time to open our eyes and see!

Discussion Questions

1. Do you believe Jesus is able to heal any problems you have in your life?

2. Do you believe you are important enough for Jesus to help you?

3. How can you strengthen your faith so you can believe?

4. What does it take for you to open your eyes and see?

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