Lenten Study Day 11

Look What Jesus Did!

Water to Wine

Water into wine. Probably a simple task, at least for Jesus. In fact, almost too simple. When you consider this is the first miracle Jesus performed, it seems a bit underwhelming. Not that I could do it but wouldn’t you think Jesus’ first miracle would be something with a little more, I don’t know, pizzazz?

He did not want to do it. Told His mother “No!” But she argued with Him, pointing out how embarrassing it would be for the host to run out of wine so soon and how easy it would be for Jesus to fix the problem. I imagine Jesus rolling His eyes as Mary argued and Mary giving Him a no nonsense look. She simply wasn’t going to take NO for an answer. Like any good son, Jesus did what His mother asked. In truth, He did more than she asked.

He could have turned the water into so-so wine. It was late in the day and the guests had been drinking awhile. It wouldn’t have mattered to them. Wedding guests expected a poorer quality of wine later in the celebration. That was just the way it went.

However, Jesus never did thinks half way. Even when it was something a simple, something as minor as turning water into wine. Rather than creating a mediocre wine to serve, the wedding guests were given a far superior wine, even better than the wine first served at the wedding.

Jesus may have been reluctant to do the thing His mother asked but, once He agreed, He did it to the best of His ability, exceeding expectations.

Many times, we are asked to do things we really don’t want to do. The reasons for our reluctance are varied and we share those reasons (or excuses) to get out having to do the task at hand. When we are unable to wiggle our way out, we often act like a petulant child, dragging our feet, complaining loudly and doing a halfway job of it. GET OVER IT! Take a page from Jesus’ Book! Accept the task, get it done and exceed expectations. There! Doesn’t that feel better?

Discussion Questions

1. What tasks are you reluctant to take on when asked?

2. How do you act when you finally agree to do them?

3. How do your children act when you ask them to do things they don’t want to do?

4. How do you respond to them?

5. How can you make a commitment to continue your service?

6. People were afraid of the demoniac. Today, we are often afraid of the people living on the outskirts of society. How can we handle our own fear? How can you address the fear of your children? Take time to discuss this within your family.

It is very easy for us to give money to a cause or problem. I believe Jesus is asking us to give of ourselves with our time and talents. Money is always needed by organizations but find ways to give your time as well. It is what Jesus would do!

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