Lenten Study Day 10

Watch Out for The Boogie Man

The Demoniac

The demoniac was a scary, scary guy. I bet the locals in town used him to scare kids into behaving. “Be good or the demoniac will get you!” However, the kids wouldn’t have been the only ones to be frighten by this man. He ran around naked. He lived in the tombs. He shouted at people. This man didn’t have much good going for him.

Then Jesus came to town. The demons in the man immediately knew who Jesus is and they confronted him, begging Him not to cast them back into the abyss. Instead, Jesus cast the demons into a herd of pigs. This made the pigs crazy, causing them to rush into the lake and drown. Needless to say, the owners of the pigs were upset that they had lost their pigs!

When the townspeople came out to see what had happened, they were stunned, shocked, amazed to find the demoniac fully dressed and acting normal. Even though he had been cured, people were still afraid of the man. He begged Jesus to take him with Him but Jesus told him to stay and share his story with others, telling them all that God had done for him. Tough as it was, the former demoniac stayed behind and did as Jesus asked.

There are many people that live on the outskirts of our society. Some of them are haunted by demons but many people on the fringe have experience difficulties we can’t begin to understand. Too often, we shun those on the fringe. I believe this may be due to our embarrassment. We feel uncomfortable for not helping. We feel ashamed for their situation. We feel afraid that it could be us.

No matter, Lent is a time to renew our commitment to help those people to whom Jesus dedicated His ministry on earth. Jesus served people society ignored: the hungry, the homeless, the widows, the sick and disabled, the elderly and more.

Jesus takes time for ALL people, showing them how precious each of them is in His eyes and the eyes of His Father. Can we do anything less?

Discussion Questions

1. Discuss how the story of the demoniac relates to people struggling on the fringe of our society today.

2. Talk to your family about the people in your community that Jesus might serve personally if He were here today.

3. Is there any one group on the list that speaks to your heart?

4. How might you take time this week to serve them in some way?

5. How can you make a commitment to continue your service?

6. People were afraid of the demoniac. Today, we are often afraid of the people living on the outskirts of society. How can we handle our own fear? How can you address the fear of your children? Take time to discuss this within your family.

It is very easy for us to give money to a cause or problem. I believe Jesus is asking us to give of ourselves with our time and talents. Money is always needed by organizations but find ways to give your time as well. It is what Jesus would do!

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