Lenten Study Day 5

I’ve Got a Secret

Woman at the Well

Discussion Questions

1. Do people today treat everyone like they were made in the image of God?

2. How do you think it makes people feel when they are treated like they are less important than other people?

3. Think about this: Do you ever treat other people like you’re better than they are? If you do, why do you do this?

4. Consider this: Jesus had 3 reasons not to talk to the woman at the well. Yet He not only talked to her, He shared something very important with her. He then told her to share this information with others. Jesus made that woman feel special.

5. Who are some of the people in your life that may believe other people are better than they are?

What can you do to help them feel special? How can you help them see that they are special to God?

6. The woman at the well left Jesus and shared the Good News with everyone she knew. She is the first person to preach the Gospel. We never know the impact we may have on another person’s life.

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