The Second Saturday in Advent

All by Myself

Some days, it feels like everyone is against us. We can’t seem to do anything right. Add to that the pressure of the Christmas season and it’s enough to drive us to bed, pull the covers over our head, and stay there until after the first of the year. When we feel everyone is against is, we become not only frustrated but frightened. It is scary when we are made to feel all alone even when we are surrounded by others.

Today’s Scripture verse reminds us that it doesn’t matter who is against us because God is ALWAYS with us, no exception. Even if everyone we know is against us, if God is for us, He overcomes the opposition of everyone else. When God is for us, we are never alone, we have no need to be afraid.

We also may gather strength knowing Jesus is not only FOR us, He has lived among us. He understands how tough life can be some days. I’m sure Jesus got frustrated. I know there came a time when the majority of people were against Him. Jesus overcame all of that and came out victorious. He is always with us. Jesus is always on our side.

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