The Second Friday in Advent

Can’t Hurt Me

I talk about fear a lot. I’m not going to give a detailed breakdown on my message however, I want you to understand my feelings on guilt and fear. So often women, especially moms, talk about how guilty they feel about something. I don’t believe the problem is guilt. I think it’s fear. We just think that feeling is guilt. Now, let’s look at this verse!

Fear may be a big part of your life during the Holidays. You’re afraid you won’t get everything done. You’re afraid things won’t be right. You’re afraid what other people, especially extended family members, might think or say about you and the way you do things. It’s hard to remain confident when you are always concerned that others, especially other women are going to criticize you.

In the last few devotions, I’ve discussed not being afraid because the Lord is with you. He is never going to desert you. Not ever. This verse takes that reassurance a step farther. If you are taking time to listen to the Lord to help you stay focused during Christmastime. When you stay close to Him, when you listen to what He is telling you, when you follow His leading, then He is with you. He is definitely and completely with you. Not just close to you. He is on your side.

Now tell me, if God is on your side, if He is supporting you, if He is the one leading you, then what can people do to you? Sure, they can still criticize but you have the satisfaction of knowing you did the right thing. Does this mean you can quickly point out to others that they are wrong because God told you what to do? Well, I wouldn’t advise doing that if I were you. No, you can just have the satisfaction that the Lord is pleased with you, He is with you. That is enough.

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