The Second Thursday in Advent

Just Today

During the Holidays, you might worry that things are going to fall between the cracks. It’s bad enough when something fairly small is overlooked but what if you forget something BIG? I create lists and then lists within my lists to help me remember all the things I want to do.

Focus is one of the keys to making certain you accomplish the tasks you must get done… or even want to get done. Here’s the problem: when you are worried about the things you need to do tomorrow, you lose your focus on the things you want to do today.

God is the God of today. When Moses asked God His name, He responded , “I am!” God wants to help you with all your concerns, your tasks today. He wants you to focus on today, not tomorrow. One day at a time. Take it one day at a time and you will find your tasks, your concerns, your life much easier to handle.

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