The First Monday in Advent

Give Me a Bold Spirit

It can be tough being strong. Sometimes, it seems you can only function in crisis mode. On a normal day, life is hectic. At Christmas, it can become chaotic! Add to this a often lack of self-discipline and you have problems. So many treats and sweets available everywhere you turn. Not to mention the goodies you yourself make. After all, you have to taste one, or two, to make sure they turned out all right, don’t you?

Today’s verse reminds you that God has given you a spirit that makes you strong; a spirit that fills you with power, love and self-discipline. You don’t have to be strong all by yourself. The Spirit of God wants to help you be as strong as you need. Whether it’s having the strength to face a new day after a late night of Christmas events or having the willpower to resist the fattening food laid before you.

When you feel your mind and body growing weak, take a moment to call on that bold spirit within you and remember that you are not alone.

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