Advent Introduction

Jesus came to live among us for so many reasons, not the least of which was to help us control our fear and strengthen our faith.

I believe God calls each of us into service for Him. We are in this life to accomplish something special, something unique for Him. Unfortunately, too many of us are afraid to step up and answer His call. This Christmas season, I want to help you overcome the fear that may be holding you back.

Throughout the Christmas is the message “Fear Not!” The angels that appeared to various people in the story always began by telling them not to be afraid. This message is for you also.

Advent is a time for you to prepare yourself for the coming of the Lord. This year, I want to help you receive Him fully into your heart, to overcome the fear that is prevent you from hearing all He is saying to you, to help you feel the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Each Advent lesson is meant to help you overcome the obstacles preventing you from answering God’s call. Each of the Sunday lessons tells the story of someone who thought they were the wrong person for the job:

  • Zechariah: who thought he was too old;
  • Mary: who thought she was unqualified;
  • Joseph: who thought it wasn’t his problem;
  • The shepherds: who thought they weren’t good enough;
  • The women on Easter: who thought it was too late.

Nothing is impossible for God so nothing is ever TOO anything. I encourage you to spend time each day during Advent, reflecting on the restlessness you feel and the call God is placing on your heart. It’s time to step up and step out!

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