Thanksgiving Countdown Challenge T(hanksgiving) -14 Tip

Today you are 2 weeks out from Thanksgiving. You should have things under control. Take a few minutes to review the information I have sent you up to this point. Make certain you haven’t overlooked anything. If you still need to take care of a task, PUT IT ON YOUR LIST!

Today I want to tell you about slow cookers. These handy devices save me HOURS in the kitchen on Thanksgiving. In fact, they’re the reason we stock up on turkeys & all the trimmings. Thanksgiving prep is so easy for me that I am willing to repeat the process multiple times throughout the year.I have 3 slow cookers: small, medium & large. When it’s only the 3 of us for Thanksgiving, I use the large for dressing, the medium for potatoes & the small for green beans. Slow cookers are one of the things you want to borrow from friends & relatives. Even if you must pick them up the day before, believe me, it’s worth it. On Thanksgiving morning, I have the turkey, dressing, potatoes & green beans cooking in time to begin watching football at 9 here on the West Coast!

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