Thanksgiving Countdown Challenge T(hanksgiving) -24 Tip

Thanksgiving can be very stressful. It falls during a work week and involves food that can’t be bought weeks in advance. Too many tasks must be done last minute, wedged in between all your regular activities. No wonder Thanksgiving causes so much stress! However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With careful planning, anyone can get a firm grip on all those Thanksgiving tasks, scratching them off your lists one by one.

Everyday between now and Thanksgiving, I am sending you a daily task. Just one thing for you to do that day. Now some tasks are larger than others but none are so large than you can’t easily complete it that day. Some tasks may not even apply to you so you get a break that day!

Finally, I would like to share ONE big piece of advice. If you decide not to follow any of the tips or ideas I’m sending you in November, please, please PLEASE do this one thing:

Find a way to make it work for you
& do things that way!

I’m giving you permission to do things your way. The way that creates less stress for you. And if someone doesn’t like it, then THEY can host Thanksgiving next year & do things THEIR way!

So take a breath, relax & let’s do this together!

Happy Thanksgiving! Jean Ann

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