Taking the Stress and Fear out of Thanksgiving

Celebrating Thanksgiving

November has begun! Thanksgiving is a few weeks away, followed by Christmas. I know this causes a lot of stress for some of you. The Holiday season holds no joy as you struggle to prepare for all the events & celebrations while trying to keep up with your regular tasks & schedule. I was one of those moms, praying for January 1 to arrive. Wishing I could just climb into bed & pull the covers over my head until the new year finally made its appearance. Then I learned how to take the stress out & put the joy back into the Holiday season. It isn’t tough but it does take commitment. Most of all, it takes planning. It’s all about working smarter, not harder.

This Holiday season, I want to help you reduce your stress. Beginning today, I am offer a selection of information designed to help you prepare. The information comes in a variety of formats: blog posts, podcasts, videos & books. Don’t find the info you really & truly need? Contact me & ask. I will do my best to find the very thing you need.

You see, I REALLY like the Holiday season. I like the celebrations. I like the decorations. I like the baking. I especially like the fact the Holidays are a time when I am especially thankful for my family, my friends & my very special relationship with the Lord, a time when I can celebrate the birth of Jesus with my family & friends! I want this Holiday season to be a celebration for you also! Let’s work together to take the stress & fear out of the Holidays this year! Let’s make the Holidays a Simple Joy!

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