DIY Holiday Ornaments You’ll Love

DIY Holiday Ornaments You'll Love

This time of year, I enjoy seeing all the elegant trees featured in magazines, on websites & shared by people on FB. I sometimes long for those perfect trees, decorated so carefully with items that coordinate with one another. Then I look at my tree. It is beautiful in its own way but there are a few items that would prevent it from being featured in any magazine. There’s the cloth ornament with “For Dad” on one side & “Fro Mom” on the other, made by The Child when she was young. There’s the faded ornament with my name written in glitter, given to me by our church when I was a toddler. There’s the 2 angels with The Child’s name on one & my name on the other. Our names were added with labels printed out by Mr. D. who wanted us to know we were HIS angels! These decorations may not be elegant but they are packed with memories & money can buy those no matter how hard we try!

Woman’s Day offers you the opportunity to create memories with your family this Christmas. They have developed a series of DIY ornaments that you & your family can make to added to your tree this year & in the years to come. Enjoy!

DIY Ornaments

Thanksgiving Countdown Challenge Thanksgiving Day Tip

There are many things to be done but if you have planned well, you should have time to relax & enjoy the day. Plan things out so you are able to enjoy your company rather than spending all your time in the kitchen. Ask someone to come early to help you with any last minute tasks, like popping the rolls in the oven while you mash the potatoes.

When it’s time to put the food on the table, recruit help. Things are hot, get them out fast!
Most important, you should enjoy your celebration. If you aren’t having fun, no one is going to enjoy themselves. Relax & have fun. Enjoy your company. Remember, it’s about the people, not the food or the location. You want to be the #1 guest at your celebration!

Thanksgiving Countdown Challenge T(hanksgiving) -1 Tip

The big day is almost here. In many homes across the country, the stress level is through the roof. In your home, calm reigns! You are ready for this because you planned, you worked smarter not harder. You can spend today doing anything that can be done ahead.
I clean my turkey & put it in the roasting pan then put it, covered, back in the fridge. I set the table, complete with serving dishes. Put a note in each serving dish so you remember what goes in each & you also remember to serve that item! Once the table is set, get help & cover the table with a clean flat sheet to protect it overnight. Set up the bar if you are having one.

Anything that can be made ahead & refrigerated the night before should be taken care of today. That leaves you time for all the tasks that can only be done on Thursday.
Get a good night’s sleep. Relax. You’ve got it under control!

Thanksgiving Countdown Challenge T(hanksgiving) -3 Tip

Take time to call your guests to confirm the exact (or close to it) number of people to expect for Thanksgiving. Verify they will be there for dinner, not just dessert. I always prepare for a few more just in case but try to get a better idea so you are certain you have everything you need.

At the same time, check your lists to see who is supposed to be doing what. Then call them to make certain they remember what they are bringing or doing. If there is a problem, no stress. See if you can assign it to someone else. Otherwise, either take care of it yourself or skip it. Remember, this is your event. Do it your way!

40 Thanksgiving Potluck Recipes

40 Thanksgiving Potluck Recipes

Hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year? Wondering how you are going to prepare all that food without losing your mind? Who says you have to provide all the food? Simple Joy Rule #2 says “Ask for Help.” If you are having a crowd, there is no need to wear out yourself or your wallet. Make dinner a potluck! Provide the turkey & let your guests each bring their favorite Thanksgiving dish. You can always fill in the gaps but this makes sure everyone has their favorite dish on Thanksgiving.

Midwest Living has provided you & your guests 40 recipes that are perfect for Thanksgiving potluck. Use one of these recipes or use one to help you decide what to prepare. A Thanksgiving potluck allows everyone to take part in dinner preparation. What is someone complains about you hosting a potluck? Well, give them a hug & thank them, LOUDLY, for offering to host Thanksgiving dinner NEXT YEAR !

Thanksgiving Potluck

76 Heartwarming and Festive Christmas Decorating Ideas

76 Heartwarming and Festive Christmas Decorating Ideas

There are almost as many different ways to decorate your home for Christmas as there are ornaments for your tree. You are no longer forced to stick with the tried & true. Instead, you can go with a decorating scheme that suits your tastes, style & home.

You don’t even have to stick to just one style! You can go contemporary in  the living room, elegant in the dining room, country in the kitchen, eclectic in the family room & rustic in the bedroom! Why stick with just one style when so many of them are available & so much fun!

You also don’t have to spend a fortune to spread the Christmas cheer throughout your home. You can make many of your decorations. You can buy $ store decorations & transform them into something more fabulous. You can even shop thrift stores & repurpose your finds into beautiful displays!

Country Living has created a display of 76, YES, 76 decorating ideas! If this doesn’t get your Christmas creative juices flowing, you need to have a little egg nog & watch Charlie Brown again!

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Thanksgiving Countdown Challenge T(hanksgiving) -5 Tip

Are you borrowing various items from people in order to host Thanksgiving this year? Today is the day to go around & collect as many as possible. I like to know well in advance that I have everything I need. I tend to fret about things like this, worried that I won’t have everything I need. The sooner I can have everything on hand, the sooner I can relax. I don’t want to get things TOO early because I’ll run out of space. But a little crowding for a few day isn’t so bad.

Doing this task now gives you time in case there is any kind of problem. Then you can come up with an alternative. It also gives time if anyone isn’t home. You still have a few days to pick things up rather than rushing around at the last minute.