The Kindness Habit: Fourth Saturday in Lent

Part 3 Jesus Shows Kindness to Women: The Widow’s Son

Jesus was walking through a town when a funeral procession went by. Men were carrying the body of a young man. In the group of mourners was an older woman, weeping. Jesus knew this was the mother. Jesus also understood this was her only son, the man who gave her protection, a home, a life, & now he was gone.

I’ve discussed this a lot during this part of the study. If a woman had no man to protect her, she was nothing. If she was a younger woman, she had options. Not pleasant options but options. Younger women became prostitutes. Some became the mistress of a wealthy man. There were few options for younger women to support themselves in Jesus’ time. There were even less options for older women. This widow would have ended up on the street, begging for her existence until she died, alone.

Jesus saved her from this life by raising her son from the dead. He gave her back her life, just as He did Mary & Martha. He saved the widow from a lonely & pathetic death.

When the early church began, the leaders demanded the church care for widows. They continued the work of Jesus, not by raising the dead but by giving women alone a safe life. The church, through its members, looked out for the widows & orphans, two very overlooked groups in those days.

The church today also has an obligation to care for those without a voice: widows, children, the homeless, the sick, immigrants, & more. We have a calling as the body of Christ to provide for those in need. Jesus showed incredible kindness to this woman, even though she was unknown to Him. He calls us to follow His example today.

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