Dollar Tree to the Rescue with Kids: Lessons

Many parents across the country have suddenly found themselves to be home-schooling their kids. When schools closed due to the coronavirus, parents had to step in to continue their kids’ education. Schools sent home lessons & teachers are doing online teaching yet there may be a gap that must be filled in order to keep children up on their lessons.

In addition, parents may have found they lack the necessary materials to run a dining room table or kitchen island classroom. Everyone wants to avoid spending time in stores or driving from one place to another to stock up.

Dollar Tree (or your local dollar store) to the rescue. They have an assortment of items to help you conduct classes & help your kids keep up with their education. Having the right materials on-hand can make life so much easier for parents & students. Dollar Tree provides the things you need without spending a fortune.

  • Paper;
  • Pencils;
  • Pens;
  • Markers;
  • Crayons;
  • Notebooks;
  • Letter stickers;
  • Poster board;
  • Foam board;
  • Tri-fold presentation boards;
  • Wall posters;
  • Workbooks;
  • Flashcards;
  • Activity books;
  • Books;
  • Play money;
  • Rulers;
  • Protractors;
  • Pencil boxes;
  • Storage containers;
  • White boards.

Take time to look around the store for other ideas. You may find items to help teach your kids things that aren’t in the school section. For example, measuring cups to teach them about fractions. Having to conduct classes for your kids can be daunting. Dollar Tree can help lessen the stress for everyone!

1 Comments on “Dollar Tree to the Rescue with Kids: Lessons”

  1. Dollar Tree is always a life saver when finding school supplies and knick knacks for my daughter. It’s always exciting to see what they have in stock week to week.

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