Simplify Life with Grocery Pick-up

First, I need to clarify some things:

  1. the focus of this piece is Walmart grocery-up since I have only used it & want to speak from my experience;
  2. My husband works for Walmart but had no influence over this piece as he will quickly confirm, going on to explain he has little influence at all with me;
  3. This is my own opinion & I am not being compensated in anyway for this post;
  4. I am writing this in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis so there may be times when stores are out of some if not many items.

All that being said, I LOVE Walmart grocery pick-up. Grocery shopping has always been a bit of a chore, taking up too much of our time on Mr. D’s days off. And just what he wants to do, spend his day wandering through a store like the one where he works. Instead, I use the app on my phone, go through the kitchen & house making my list & place my order, scheduling a pick-up later in the day or even the next day. Lovely! Let me give you the pros, from my perspective of using the grocery pick-up:

  • I avoid the crowds: this is especially beneficial during this virus. I have asthma & tend to pick up everything that goes around. Avoiding crowds is a good thing. At Christmas, I especially enjoyed this since I really don’t like crowds nor do I enjoy standing in line;
  • I save time: I mentioned this above but I will say it again, this saves me a lot of time. I can schedule a pick-up in the evening, running to the store when Mr. D gets home. Or, we can go out for lunch, picking up the groceries on our way home. Since there is a 1 hour window for pick-up, this gives me flexibility. Mr. D has also assured me the groceries are not put back on the floor until after midnight should I run late. I only did this once & try to avoid it. I know grocery pick-up is going to get more popular & the algorithm has determined how many customers they can handle in any given hour. My tardiness may burden the associates & I try to avoid doing this.
  • I save money: Wandering through the store, I tend to pick-up items not on my list. Not things I forgot to add but things I can’t resist. By shopping at home, away from the shelves stacked & stocked with products I must have, I tend to spend less.
  • It’s FREE: Guess I should have mentioned that first. While there is a charge to have your groceries delivered, there is no charged to do a pick-up.
  • They may upgrade an item: If I order something & they are out of it, they will substitute, with my permission. I always give it since they substitute a better item but don’t charge me for the upgrade. A few weeks ago, I ordered a box of 60 eggs. When they went to pack my groceries, they were out of the 60 count boxes so they substituted 2-36 count packages. I received 72 eggs for the cost of 60. In other words, I got a dozen eggs free. Another time, the 3 lbs. package of frozen chicken breast were out so they gave me 5 lbs. They send a message telling you what they are substituting & you can refuse. So far, I haven’t.

Now that I have shared that, here is the process:

  • Download the Walmart grocery app to your cell phone. It must be on your phone;
  • Create an account or sign in if you already have a Walmart account;
  • Check to see what store have grocery pick-up in your area. I have many options which is great right now so I can shop the store that has the things I need in stock;
  • Pick a store as your home store;
  • At the bottom of the home page, there is a menu. Choose DEPARTMENTS. Browse the selections & mark your favorites by tapping the heart i the right corner. This makes it much easier to shop when you are ready. I also use this to create my grocery list when I shop in the store;
  • Add items to your cart;
  • Click on the cart in the upper right corner to go to checkout. The app will remind you of other favorites or popular items in case you forgot;
  • Schedule your pick-up date & time;
  • Pay;
  • They will text you when your order is ready;
  • Before you leave to get your groceries, CHECK IN. This lets them know you are on the way. If the app takes you to the app store on you phone, you need to click the button to update the app. This confused me the first time it happened. You can then go to the app to check in.
  • Drive to the marked area for pick-up. The app will ask you which space you are in & the color of your car. I tend to go when it’s not busy so they are waiting for me.
  • The associate will ask if any substitutions are all right with you, then have you sign for the groceries. They then pack your groceries up in your reusable bags & put them in your car. They usually give me a gift, like a bottle of cold water or a goodie bag.

And that’s all there is to it. As I said, right now, stores may be out of key items However, you can determine which store has your groceries in the comfort of your home, not wandering store aisles or going from store to store.

Life is busy & anything I can do to save time is great. This service saves me time without costing me extra $. That’s a simple joy every day of the week.

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