The Kindness Habit: Second Tuesday in Lent

Part 2 Jesus Shows Kindness to Those Close to Him: Jesus Heals Peter’s Mother-in-Law

As a woman, every time I read this story, I am struck by the fact Peter’s MIL immediately got out of a sick bed & began taking care of her guests. Everyone just stood there & let the poor woman wait on them?!

Now, I know there is more to the story than just that. As any woman will tell you, if she is sick in bed with a fever & the fever breaks, she is still in no condition to get up & begin her regular routine. Fevers leave you weak & it takes awhile to come back from them The fact this woman was able to get out of bed right away too begin waiting on her guests demonstrates the total healing done by Jesus. Her fever was not only broken, she was also returned to full strength, her health returned to her.

This act was such a kindness on the part of Jesus & not just to the sick woman. Consider the last time you had a family member who was sick in bed & you had to leave them, perhaps to go to work. It’s difficult to focus on the job at hand when you are worried about a family member. Jesus showed kindness to Peter by healing his MIL, easing Peter’s worry so he could focus on the work he was doing with Jesus. Jesus wants us to know He is caring for our families while we are fulfilling the work He has called us to do.

This is also a lesson for supervisors. When my daughter, Katy was little, she developed chicken pox. I was in retail management &, after taking her to the doctor, I went back to work. Mr. D was at home with Katy. When my store manager found out Katy was sick, he sent me home with my work & told me to stay with Katy until she was well. This was a Godly man who knew what was important.

The people, including children, around you may have worries that you know nothing about. Take time to discover their concerns, then help them with those issues so they are able to focus on the other areas of their lives.

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