Everything is Service!


I was recently watching a John Wayne movie. We can discuss this another time! Back to the movie! At one point, John Wayne is talking to a young man, asking why he doesn’t ask Wayne’s daughter out. The other man feels unworthy since he works for her father. Wayne quickly points out that everyone works for somebody. He, Wayne, owns a huge ranch and a large herd of cattle & he works for the people that buy his cattle & eat the meat from the cattle. Everybody works for somebody!

The same can be said about service, well, something similar. Everything is service. We all serve somebody! When we talk about service in the church or civic organizations, others often think we mean literally serving others. In the church, women quietly groan, thinking they are being asked to serve coffee after church each Sunday or great guests at the next women’s event. Service does include these very important roles but it goes way beyond that.

Everything we do in the church & organization, even our jobs, serves someone else. Even if you have a job or position in an organization that is low level for lack of a better term, you have an obligation to serve those around you & to do it to the best of your ability. You must never, ever think that your role is unimportant. And, of course, I have a story to share to make my point.

Some people think our little toes are unimportant. Obviously, these people have never broken one of their little toes before. I have broken both of mine TWICE! First, it hurts really bad. It’s hard to think because it hurts so bad. Second, your little toes are important to your balance. When they are broken, your balance is thrown completely off! Every part of your body fulfills an important role. No matter how small that body part, no matter how minor the role is, it’s important! Period!

We all serve someone. We need to accept this fact & then focus on serving one another to the best of our ability & beyond!

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