35 Ideas for Easy Thanksgiving Decorating

35 Ideas for Easy Thanksgiving Decorating

I enjoy decorating my home for various holidays throughout the year. When I share photos online, women often comment that it must take a lot of work to decorate. NO! Decorations for any holiday can be beautiful, appealing & oh so simple. Approach each area you want to decorate, like your mantle, as a separate scene. Focus just on the one location. Make it colorful. Make it interesting to the eye by adding items of various heights. Use an assortment of textures. Shop the dollar store for inexpensive items to use in your scenes. For Thanksgiving, shop the produce aisle of the grocery store for your centerpiece, like the one in the photo using small gourds, yellow apple & yellow pears. You can also shop thrift stores for pieces, like wooden candleholders, painting them in colors to accent your decorations. I like to use glass candlesticks from the dollar store, painting them with silver or gold paint.

To stir your creative juices, Midwest Living has put together 35 ideas for EASY Thanksgiving decorations. Study the photos, then make a list of items you need & go to work. Take your time. Start small on each scene, then add as you go along. Most important, enjoy yourself! THIS is what it is all about!

Thanksgiving Decorations

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